This people who makes this negative remarks about ASD are competitors mostly that couldn't match the companies program that is currently offered and that they just couldn't come close to competeting with ASD. It's just sad that this people are the ones who would mislead the ones who really needed the help or relief from the enormous bill they get from the electric company they are with.

So, just ignore them everyone. Get educated from an ASD consultant and see all the presentation in writing and that locked rates guaranteed for twenty years on the leasing program. Nothing to loose and so much to gain.

See for yourself. That is the best way.

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Lol I find it funny that at the bottom of this page and every other page for that matter there are ads for other solar companies. This is definitely a competition motivated site.

I also find it funny that the competition is bashing ASD... When ASD would never do anything of the sort.


Are you an employee? If not, why do you care?

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