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After reading the prior 10 reviews I'll begin by stating this is a REAL review by a REAL customer. I was personally against the installation of the solar panels from day one due to the outrageous cost -where's the savings when your cliental has to fork over thousands of dollars long before any savings will be noted?

Anyway, I was told the installation was going to be a TWO day process. They began working at my residence on TUESDAY, Sept 30 2014 early in the AM. By 2pm, they were on their way out because they were done for the day, UMMM NO GET BACK HERE over half my home doesn't have electricity running through it. They flip the switches on the electrical box, guess what, my FiOS goes out -thanks for letting me know your work would also include service interruption.

Weds, Thurs, pass -no communication with the company. Professionalism. I don't believe this company has much of it. It's now Friday, this is what I wake up to: a suspicious poorly presented man dressed in a black hat, sunglasses, GREEN shirt (the rest of their staff has always been in BEIGE shirts and much more presentable than this guy) -not only is his appearance terrible but WHY and WHO do you think you are to pull ALL the way up into my driveway?

How unprofessional. He says he's with the solar company, failed to mention the NAME of the company -clearly you can see the solar panels sitting in my driveway from the street, anyone can say they're with the solar company. Prior to making contact with this man from the window of a bedroom, he's on the side of my house trying to console my dog from frantically barking because there's a stranger on the premises. He fails to remove his sunglasses to properly identify himself.

Again unprofessional. And my most second favorite part of this encounter, he's not at the front door of my residence like a normal person would be, he's at the REAR entrance of my residence, where his vehicle is perfectly aligned as an escape route for a home invasion. I informed him I was unaware the company was going to send an employee to my home, asked him to remove his vehicle from my property, park on the street as a stranger should, AND speak to me at the front door of my home while I contact ASD. Guess what!?

He decides to vanish from my property entirely. So professional. Hmmm. Suspicious.

Totally. I'm 27 years old, I'm not an older paranoid woman fearing intruders every time the doorbell rings. I'm not one to judge a person by their appearance either but come on, this guy's appearance is just sloppy he looks like the kind of garbage I see roaming Main Street in Huntington Beach after a few fishbowls at Sharkeez or something. Would you let him into your home!?

*** NO.

Consumers beware. To be continued.....

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So how did it workout? Did they finish installing the system?

I talking to ASD about putting a system on my house, and so far they seem up front and professional.

Please keep me informed. Eric

to Eric #893206

Hi Eric. The installation took a series of 5 days.

After this incident, we contacted ASD, they apologized for his appearance, lack of professionalism, and their lack of communication. He was sent back to my residence twice more. The installation crew were troopers as it took place over the last heat wave So Cal had. Their appearance was nothing like the man above.

Like most construction workers, they had conversation while they efficiently worked, cursed like sailors at times- but we didn't mind. There was some type of paste they used that fell onto my driveway, they did not clean it up. It dried of course and now we can't get it off but it's not a big deal because our vehicles park right above it. We're still awaiting the final paperwork to be turned into Edison so that we can begin to note the savings.

Since the installation has been completed, the kitchen seems to lose power, never had that issue before. The breaker trips but it's a simple fix of resetting it. We're contacting them tomorrow morning actually to have them come out and take a look at the issue.

The decision is entirely yours of course and while my review of the company is "okay" I hope that their management uses my experience as constructive criticism to prevent any further mishaps instead of making excuses as justification like the response prior to yours. Lol.

Temecula, California, United States #892812

Hi - as a non-biased observer it seems like the person who showed up in your driveway could have very well been soliciting to find out more info about the solar panels sitting in your driveway.. you did mention panels were sitting in your driveway correct?

After seeing American Solar reps for several years now, it is hard to believe that they would show up without a uniform on and sketchy, as you described in your story.

Hope this helps clarify questions that others may have regarding this odd situation you encountered.

all the best!

to tony #893207

The man was not a solicitor. He was an employee.

Lack of professionalism. Simple as that!

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