this company hires from ex priest to *** stars to knock on doors.If you fall for it and book a "no pressure appointment", they are trained to not take NO for answer, do not leave without some sort of signature.

For the most part they are a bunch of drinkers with no integrity. They allow their salespeople to make home visits "before" they have even completed a profile scan on them.....beware!!!!!!!! You are a homeowner-be cautious when signing a "lease" that is attached to your home!!!

Read the fine lines, oh, that is if they allow you to read the lease completely before you are "rushed" to sign, they will remind you that you have 30 days....bla-bla.This is your home and your financials....don't be scammed by door knockers!!!!!

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As a long time employee of American Solar Direct, I am totally offended by this, there are no adult entertainers in the offices, many of us do not drink, i never lie to anyone.I never pressure anyone.

The reality of this job is, you go to work, do your job and you make money, sit in McDonalds and hide out for hours and you will fail.

I certainly have integrity.And i will sit quietly while you read the entire agreement,

San Francisco, California, United States #902644

Interestingly enough I've been working at ASD and haven't seen one ex priest Or ex adult entertainment star.I do not like pushy sales people myself, having said that why would I join a company that promotes that type of selling?

Both logic and I agree, I would not join a bunch of pushy sales freaks which is why I have a career here.

From what I gather on the inside people working here are happy.

Woodland Hills, California, United States #880073

This is obviously bunk.Every.

Employee at American solar Direct has a complete background check. No one is hired who does not pass. And seriously "a bunch of drinkers" ?? Better check your integrity.i am sure you lost it somewhere.

As a current employee i walk away from anyone who would not benefit from solar.And i NEVER pressure anyone.

Apple Valley, California, United States #849687

My experience with American Solar was the complete opposite of the claim.They were not pushy, they explained everything completely and didn't even come out to the house until the Edison survey and usage profile were completed.

The salesperson was professional and personable.They came in much cheaper than the company we were comparing.

We are very happy with American Solar Direct.


No problem here as I do NOT allow strangers at the door to enter the premises. It is baffling to me the number of people who do let random strangers in their homes.

to Anonymous San Diego, California, United States #841373

They have hired their share of creepers!!! Will hire anyone with a pulse!!

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