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I have worked for American Solar Direct now for 5 weeks!Everything that they have shown me has helped me understand their product, their people, why Solar is important and how as an employee I can be compensated for translating the Solar message.

It is NOT a Scam, NOT MLM, NOT underpaying employees and certainly not deceptive in any way! This is a sales job! ASD provides the pathway and training whereby capable individuals can attain a very decent wage. It is commission and in the beginning while you are training there is a small hourly rate to assist you in getting started.

The hourly rate is not supposed to do anything but help you while you adopt and learn their methods. If you are capable, the hourly rate is meaningless because of your ability to be in control of your earnings through educating homeowners about the realities of choosing solar as a primary energy source over the Utility Companies. This job requires hard work, training and a attitude of success. The company provides the tools and assist you in that endeavor.

The job is not for everyone!

But for those fortunate enough to apply what is taught, educate those less informed, and be excited about life and what it brings, the rewards will be yours, also!

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I spend some time at ASD.They are mismanaged and poorly operated.

Any claims of their greatness are probably that of those hired to counter the true claims of their failings.

Paychecks bounced.

Employee mileage reimbursements were constantly being blown off.

They don't pay their bills. Vendors constantly begging to be paid for parts and services.

This is why their product is inconsistent.They do not get the parts, panels and electronics from the same place, as vendors keep cutting them off for non-payment.

Los Angeles, California, United States #1064675

Nice fake review, ASD employee! Way to earn that $25 gas card!


Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuure you've had a great experience with ASD in sales. Tell us: Is knocking endless doors and taking abuse all day every day during this brutal heatwave while being micromanaged and beaten down by incompetent middle managers everything you hoped it would be?

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This IS a scam, and yes, it IS MLM.The only people getting paid are the team manager, guys who run the offices, and the drunken buffoon who runs this MLM, Brennan.

ALL positive feedback on here is posted my their marketing department.

I know.

I worked there, and I promise you all - this site, where the awful truth about this scam company lives, has been a thorn in ASD's side for years.Run in the other direction.

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