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This is what a company in free-fall implosion looks like, folks. They can't even honor their obligation to pay their employees. How scummy, how low, how very...American Sola Direct of them. Just like a Brennan Mulcahy company to screw his people over long weekend while he chills in the palisades. Karma, baby. It's coming.

All the horrible things they've done to the sales force, al the rotten ways they've duped and deceived customers (well-documented online), all the despicable ways they've treated their employees, all of it, is all coming right back around and slapping them in the face.

If you applied, and you booked an interview, and your search engine brought you to this page (as it does everyone - ASD marketing department bribes employees with gift cards to write bs positive reviews, as has been mentioned many times in the comments here), cancel your interview or no show...


You like your paychecks to bounce, knocking doors all day for micro-managing middle manager dirt-bags, being lied to constantly, being used like carriage horse, being treated like ***, and not making a cent.


Look elsewhere if you want an actual future. This vile operation is almost out of stream. And when they finally close their doors and the lawsuits start rolling in, a lot of people will be cheering loudly. They deserve it all.

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). This person is overall dissatisfied with American Solar Direct. The most disappointing about american solar direct work experience at American Solar Direct was that the company was run by sociopaths Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I also had a "interview" booked that I no-showed, and I did it because of what I read here.Why?

Because the sheer, palpable hatred former employees have for this company...I have never seen anything like it.

This place must be toxic beyond belief.Cannot believe people sign up to work here.


I was in Orange County on Monday morning for the meeting and watched our hot mess of a CEO, Brennan try and explain away what was going on.

This is a sinking ship.Offices closing?

Payroll obligations not being met?

Time to jump ship.

I'd advise anyone currently employed here to join me.Brennan is scrambling to maintain his baller lifestyle, lying through his teeth while he and his inner circle break our backs without honoring his commitment to pay us for our work.

Adios, ASD!

Los Angeles, California, United States #1097421

Thanks for this - I had an interview booked where the recruiter went on and on about how ASD was "expanding rapidly!"

It certainly felt fishy and scammy - the guy was a like a used car salesman, and stank of desperation. No surprise, I was practically offered the job on the spot, though I surmised they'd take anyone with a pulse who was willing to go out and pound doors all day.

No thanks!

to Anonymous San Mateo, California, United States #1108604

I currently work on the sales team at American Solar Direct and this is not true.I have been here over a year and payroll has never bounced.

There was a timing delay 3 weeks ago but it was a processing issue with ADP.I would not believe everything that is written here as it is obvious that these commentators are not employed by this company.

to Anonymous #1112924

You are obviously an ASD recruiter and therefore lying.You guys lie about everything.

Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, then double down and lie some more.

Don't worry...you'll be unemployed soon enough.Then we'll see how quickly you rush to ASD's defense.

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