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Everything posted here that is positive? All done by recruiters. I used to work here. I know this company's slimy tactics all too well. Here is the truth about being a Solar Consultant with American Scam-Solar Direct:

Endless walking, knocking door to book, being attacked by dogs, booking appointments for team leaders to make money on while you make less than a McDonald's employee. No base pay after 30 days, yet they expect you to jump with they say. Nothing I was sold on in my interview by the recruiter was possible. None of it. They make it seem soooooooo easy, but in reality it is next-to-impossible to succeed. IMPORTANT DETAIL: DO NOT BELIEVE what the recruiters say about "training" and "mentoring" in the fake interview (NOTE: if you show up, you got the job. It's that simple. Do not believe the way the recruiters try and make it seem like you're actually being evaluated. Are you alive? Do you breathe? Then you're hired! Some of the guys in my training class could barely put a sentence together...LOL). Anyway, none of this "field training" happens. You are thrown in the field and told to sink or swim. This company is the slum of the solar industry, and is laughed at by SolarCity, Verengo, Sun Run, etc. If you're at ASD? You aren't good enough for those other companies. Any review here that isn't scathing is a plant. Believe it. If Google led you here, then read this and believe every word of it. This company got in trouble with the labor board for a reason. They have a 2.5 star rating on Glass Door (all positives there are plants, too) for a reason - they're despicable and shameless.

Consider yourselves warned: No matter what the recruiters or sales managers tell you, this multi-level pyramid scam. You will not make money. One more time: YOU WILL NOT MAKE MONEY. Okay? The reviews here, the positive ones? They'd solicit us to write them in meetings. And guess what? All of these are from people at the top of the pyramid, or who've been with this crappy company for 3+ years or work in the corporate HQ. Don't believe their feedback indicates what your experience will be.

ASD, why don't you be honest about your little scam? You run a pyramid scheme. This place is a revolving door. In my training class of over 10 people, 3 were left after one week. We were all gone in side a month. It's a joke. They use people. Don't let them use you.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of american solar direct work experience. American Solar Direct needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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So just a few things; According to you, ANYONE that posts something positive about working for this company.....is a "plant"..?So you're accusing all of the hard-working, responsible, and determined employees of ASD (past or present, including myself) that you've never even meet of LYING??

Just because they want to give thanks to the company that puts food on their table and clothes on their childrens' backs????? That hurts...

Well I have some advice: Be grateful for everything. Also, if you REALLY can't walk around for a few hours talking to people, enjoying our beautiful California weather, then maybe you should apply as a telemarketer for one of the above-mentioned, since we don't have one. I'm sure if you loitered around any Home Depot, you'd probably get an offer in seconds!

That seems like it would a better fit for your level of......ineptitude.

(Strike one)

So let me help you get this straight:

"A pyramid scheme is an unsustainable business model that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public." For starters, no one is pushed to recruit people, or even ASKED to recruit people (with the exception of the recruiter). Nor do they EVER ask you to buy their product. Now, you're upset that the people who gave you a job and trained you are making more money than you?

It's called incentive for growth. Maybe you'd prefer a company that shares your communist or solcialist views. (Strike 2) Now correct me if I'm wrong, but YOU feel that NOT JUST ANYONE deserves to have a chance to work..... is that right?

Or is it that the places in which you are offered employment should ONLY hire OTHER SPECIAL people of your caliber....? So hypothetically, if YOU were in charge of a company, you would .....what's the term.......DISCRIMINATE against those+ people, the SAME people that were given the SAME opportunity as YOU???

well then it's no wonder that you aren't in charge of anything and that you couldn't even hold a job for a month....(STEEEEEERRRIIKE 3)

to Anonymous #1051341

Look everyone!Another ASD recruiter brainwashed by the cult of Canadian Drunkard Brennan MulScammy.

Your reply made no sense, and you're an embarrassment for posting something so emotional and childish.

I'd laugh at you, but you work for ASD so the joke's on you already.Enjoy giving the one life you got to be micromanaged in order to make Brennan MulDrunky richer!

Los Angeles, California, United States #951783

I have video of an American Solar Direct employee threatening bodily harm and to promising to "take out and knock out" my neighbor after the canvasser insulted my neighbor's wife at their door

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