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This company is a complete rip off. In order to buy our new house, we had to assume the solar lease attached to the property. Huge mistake. We were reluctant at first because the solar lease was considered a 2nd lien on the property. The previous owners said that they were getting a huge discount on their utility bill. Without being able to truly investigate it, we agreed to purchase the home. After about 3 months, I contacted S C Edison to find out how much money these solar panels were saving us. They told me I was getting approximately $90 off the bill on average. (I pay $128 on the monthly lease) So, not only am I not saving money, but I'm paying more money ($40) just to have solar. Doesn't make sense, huh? Exactly! I contacted American Solar Direct to find out how they stay in business. They told me there was nothing they could do because they could only fit 8 panels on the roof. So, I asked if the roof wasn't big enough to put enough panels on the roof to make a difference, why did they do it in the first place? They of course talked a bunch of bull and tried to get out of it. After a few telephone conversations, they said they could put another 5 panel on the roof for another $8000. So let me get this straight I asked, "I paid $25k for the panels I have already and I'm not saving any money, and in order to save money I have to spend another $8000 for the panels to save me money?

I called 2 other solar companies who nicely stated in a nut shell that we got ripped off. Basically, they said that our house doesn't have enough room on the roof to put enough panels on it in order to store enough energy during the nonpeak hours to make any difference.

I am completely disgusted with this company.

We are in the process of filing a lawsuit!

Stay away from American Solar Direct. They are full of it and only want your money.

Please take my advise and NEVER assume a solar lease to buy a property because there is no way to fully investigate the current bills.

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Cloverdale, California, United States #1303299

Just got a call from one of their salesmen and thought I would check them out. I am glad I did.

They won't be getting any of my money.

Thanks for the reviews.

A. Nash Kunkle


Thank you for expressing your concerns and allowing us a further opportunity to address them.As has been discussed with you, the ASD system size was selected and approved by the prior homeowner based on what was optimal for the roof and their historical electric usage.

The prior homeowner made their decision to enter the lease ultimately on the environmental and economic benefits over the 20 plus years of the system, and you knowingly assumed such system at the time you purchased the property.

ASD has provided you with a detailed analysis of the system’s performance which shows that all system components are properly functioning, and in fact showing the system is and always has performed even higher than the estimates that ASD provided at the time of initial lease signing. As with every solar system, the offset of your utility bill is based on your usage, which unfortunately exceeds the usage of the previous homeowner. Nevertheless, based on your request ASD conducted an on-site inspection and presented you with some options to help offset your additional usage and we remain open to discussing such options with you.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this matter with you further.

As such, our Chief Operating Officer is available to speak with you at any time, and can be reached at 424-214-6767.


Don't you worry - you'll be reading more about these criminals in later this summer.Why, you ask?

Over the last few years they've been selling unsecured Mosaic loans to get people to "go solar for zero down!" without telling 80-90% of them that they're about to get slapped with a 30% balloon payment this June, and that their monthlies will become catastrophic. None of the guys who "trained" me told any customers they closed about that. Not a single one. I worked ASD sales, I'm ashamed to say.

I'm the guy the president, Kevin Bauer, threatened a few posts down with litigation for sharing my miserable experience at ASD.

If it's lawsuits he wants, ASD has a class-action in their immediate future, guaranteed.Careful what you wish for.

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