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Recruiters? Liars...about everything they describe during their sales pitch to you. No, it's not an interview. It's a pitch, and they're hoping you're dumb enough to buy. You'll get: No training, no mentoring, no leads, and ano earning potential unless you run a crew or an office. In other words: No integrity of any kind. These guys are salesmen themselves, with hardcore numbers goals, meaning they get fired unless they put tons of wide-eyed suckers through their tedious training scam. Why? Because everyone quits. Everyone. It's only a matter of time. No one in my training class lasted more than a week of 8 hours days filled with knocking doors and taking verbal abuse from exasperated home owners who had their hit 25 times by every solar company.

Team Managers? Users and micro-managing weasels who hound you all day because they need you out there absorbing verbal abuse and threats all day while going door to door so they can close appointments off your back and make real money while you'll barely have 2 nickels to rub together.

The CEO? A known crook and scam-artist from Canada. Google this guy and the word "scam" and you'll learn all about Just Energy Group, his previous scam he got away with fro a while before losing a massive class action lawsuit. This man is a sub-human sociopath and operates without a conscience. How else could destroy thousands of human beings' finances and lives, then go right along and do it again? A deplorable, slimy, cowardly excuse for a man.

Folks, I read the reviews here, but unfortunately the fake ones at Glass Door and Indeed (that I later found out ASD bought and paid for), as well as the recruiter's lies persuaded me that the stuff here was "unverified" and "not trustworthy", according to ASD (LOL). If you searched ASD, as I did, and found this site, also as I did, then I implore you to believe the following:

Everything negative that has been posted here is 100% true. All of it. This company is a meat-grinding MLM, and that's it.

Don't be fooled as I was. Book an interview, then don't bother showing up.

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with American Solar Direct. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Dear Anonymous: This is Kevin Bauer, President of American Solar Direct.We are sorry to hear that you had a negative employment experience with ASD and we wish that you had brought your concerns forward to ASD management while you were employed so we could respond accordingly.

While ASD welcomes truthful constructive feedback, ASD will not tolerate you posting untrue, defamatory content regarding the company and its officers on this public forum. We therefore feel it is imperative that we respond.

Your personal attacks on ASD’s business model and the character of its CEO are false and unsubstantiated. ASD is a leader in the California residential solar industry that has received widespread recognition and awards for its corporate growth and commitment to customer service. (See, for example:;

ASD has over 5,000 customers and employs over 300 full-time employees, conducting business throughout the state of California. Of equal importance, ASD’s CEO is a respected businessman in the United States and Canada, with over twenty-five (25) years of energy industry experience. (See, for example:

In addition, contrary to your comments regarding ASD’s recruiting and training practices, ASD has a detailed, structured...

Upon training completion, each sales employee is required to pass a comprehensive test before becoming a full-time sales consultant with ASD, a position which provides competitive base pay, commissions, health insurance benefits, 401k, and incentive trips.

Once again, we are sorry that your employment with ASD was not a positive experience but this does not permit you to post untrue and defamatory content regarding ASD and its officers on this forum.

I invite you to reach out to me directly at 424-214-6758 so we can discuss and resolve your concerns.Should we be unable to reach a mutually acceptable resolution, ASD will explore any and all available legal action to protect its reputation.

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to AmericanSolarDirect #1124148

Read some of the reviews here, Kev.I am far from the first person ASD has torched.

There are literally hundreds of lives left in ruin after their experience with your sleazy company - take a good look at this site, where you clowns can't control what people say. You guys sponsor glass door and indeed, then offer incentives for the corporate robots with the cushy jobs (like you) to post "A+!" feedback, and who doesn't know the BBB isn't bought and paid for? You really want to embarrass yourself publicly like this?

Here's more from "happy employees and customers":

Boy, they love you here:

3/5 stars on Yelp, where your drones can't control the feedback: Nice review about your quality in the comments here: Brennan gets some love from this site (plenty of links here too, Kev): ------------------------------------------------- Maybe Just Energy need to act up and there won't be any bad things to talk about them, that's not a flaw.

There are many energy companies out there. The ones I...

You know who other won the alger horatio? Kenneth Lay, the founder of ENRON, he too won the award. Look it up on wiki about Kenneth Lay. He won many other awards and he ended up doing pretty good huh?

Yea, they won the Ontario Energy Association (OEA) award for the company of the year in 2007. Do you know who were the Board of Directors at OEA when the award was given out? You know the Board of Directors that run the place and decide who should they hand the award to. A guy by the name of Brennan Mulcahy, Chief Executive Officer of The Energy Savings Group, Mississauga, ON.

Who is Brennan Mulcahy? Take a wild guess… Brennan Mulcahy is one of the co founder of Just Energy, at the time it was called Energy Savings Group or The Energy Savings Croup in Mississauga. Just look it up. Currently, Ken Hartwick the President and CEO of Just Energy is the Board of Director of OEA.

That's like Bill Gate working at a place called Ontario Operating System Association and awarded Microsoft for the company of the year. How much weight does that have in the award? I know this awhile ago just didn't have time to post it on my site, there were just so many negative things about this company I didn't get around to do it. Now I will have it up thanks for reminding me.

OK now you're talking about Natural Gas? I thought we were on electricity. Yes the price of natural gas is low right now, but keep in mind Just Energy 5 years fixed rate is not the cheapest. If you want to really save money, go get the 1 year fixed rate on gas and/or electricity and you know Just Energy doesn't sell 1 year.

Here's the actual BBB ratings at BBB website, But if you think BBB is a scam then don't use it. Not that hard and stop watching the news because I bet they're scams too. Its up to your judgement. And here's one video news about Just Energy: No its not because it is on the news Just Energy is a scam.

It is because I experienced it myself, along with my family, co-worker, as well as complaints in numberless of forums/blogs like this one, along with lawsuits by the General Attorney of Illinois (which by the way Just Energy paid 1 million out of court, if they were innocent why pay?), multiple charges by the Attorney General of New York, charges by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC), charges by Ohio Public Utilities Commissions (just last month Nov 2010), also a fine by the Ontario Energy Board long time ago, as well as in countless of news papers and articles! And so on! I guess these people, government regulators, ME, news organizations are scams just like the BBB. ---------------------------------------------------- More on Brennan's integrity: -------------------------------------- The facts about the company's owner, Brennan Mulcahy, and previous company incorporated by him (such as Just Energy Group Inc., Just Energy Income Fund, Energy Savings Income Fund) are true.

Here are a few: The Chicago Better Business Bureau has given Just Energy an F rating, due to the Citizens Utility Board (CUB), Citizen Action/Illinois, and AARP filing a joint complaint in 2008.This makes 532 complaints about Just Energy that have been filed with the Better Business Bureau. According to the Citizens Utility Board, 98% of people who signed up with Just Energy lost money. In July 2008, the Attorney General of New York state brought action against Just Energy for deceptive sales practices. In April, 2010, the CBS2 Chicago reported that Just Energy was ordered to pay a $90,000 fine for violation of the Alternative Gas Supplier Law.

The Illinois Commerce Commission has also requested an independent audit of the company's sales practices. ------------------------------------------------------------ But I guess this is all "baseless, defamatory, and untrue", right?

You have nothing -nothing- to threaten anyone with, Kev.The only person you have to answer to at day's end is your own conscience, and good luck with that, pal.

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I am a happy customer of American Solar Direct and developed a close friendship with my salesmen and the install team.I also had the opportunity to meet a member of their leadership team.

All I can say is that the below sounds pretty fishy - likely from an employee that was let go or a competitor.

The comments couldn't be further from the truth from my experience.

A happy ASD customer.

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1064654

Tell us, obvious ASD employee: How big was the gift card they kicked you to post this lie?Is it still a $25 gas card, or has it gone up?

When I posted a fake positive review from a non-existent "happy employee" I got the gas card. What'd you get? Just curious.

LOL - no customer would post something like that. You aren't fooling anyone.

In fact, you're only making yourselves look even more dishonest, which is amazing such a thing is still possible.

3/5 stars on Yelp, everyone."First class" (read: "low class") ccompany all the way, huh?

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1064737

No, you're not a "happy customer". You're either an ASD recruiter or an ASD corporate stooge...

And we all know it.

Nice try.

California, United States #1062384






to Anonymous #1064655

Thumbs down...LMAO.

Guess ASD's recruiters found out "reality" is back on the menu here.

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1064665

Right? Who give a thumbs down to employees' paychecks bouncing? That's, like, literally the worst thing ever an employer can do.


Oh my god...thank you for posting.I love it.

Seeing ASD go down is like being assured there's actual justice in this universe.Horrible company run by horrible people who are all getting exactly what they deserve.

Los Angeles, California, United States #1062332

ADDED BONUS: They laid off about 50 people this week.Just think: this too could be you if you climb onboard this flaming tire fire of a company/scam!

LOL - who in their right mind would take a job on-board a sinking ship captained by unscrupulous Canadian scammers?

On behalf of all those people ASD was kind enough to lay off right before the holidays, we'd like to offer a hardy "Hooray" for Brennan and his embarrassing approach to leading from the bottom of a bottle. Have fun counting your blood money, drunky. Your company's time is almost up.

A lot of people are going to enjoy seeing your little solar scam go down in flames.Tick-tock, booze-boy; Karma's a bear.

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