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American Solar Direct offered us a $3,000 cash back offer/incentive that was part of our solar agreement in order to match a competitor's price and secure our business. However, they have not paid up.

Our agreement paperwork with ASD regarding the $3,000 cash back offer clearly states that they were supposed to mail the money within 15 days of system interconnection. The process with ASD to get the solar installed took inordinately long, from late-August when we signed our agreement to mid-December when the system was turned on. There were at least 10 weeks of delays that can directly be traced to ASD's negligence. They did not meet their deadline for project completion and it could not be blamed on any other company or agency.

We know this for certain, because we have spoken with all parties involved from the City permitting office to Southern California Edison. During the long process, we called ASD multiple times to confirm that the cash back incentive was in process and would be sent to us automatically. Each time we were assured it was. Our system was finally turned on December 9, 2015.

When the $3,000 cash back offer did not arrive within 15 days, I called again and was told that they were "running behind" and we would get the check within 30-60 days. When 30 days passed I called again and was told they would look into it and try to rush the check. I called again when it was nearing 60 days and still no check had arrived, but I was told I couldn't even be given an update as to when the check would be mailed. They do not deny they owe us the money, but it appears that American Solar Direct is having severe financial difficulties.

I've spoken with their customer service manager multiple times and he swears that is not the case, but cannot provide any reason why our funds are being held-up. Furthermore, there is no legitimate excuse as to why ASD would be "running behind" on paying our cash back incentive that was agreed upon in August 2015, nearly half a year ago. $3,000 is A LOT of money to a family like ours and not having this money is causing us a great deal of hardship, because we were expecting it.

We feel that ASD has given us nothing but "the runaround" as well as given us false and misleading information as to when we would receive this money.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of breach of contract. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "breach of contract" of asd solar power system and associated monetary loss in the amount of $3000. American Solar Direct needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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I signed with American Solar Direct (ASD) near the end of October last year. I researched several other companies first.

There was an initial delay due to the fact we live in a gated community that required approval before the work could begin. Once approved, the installation went quickly. It took two days to install 20 panels and the inverter, associated conduit and wiring. The installers ran the conduit as we requested and painted it to match the house.

We did not need a new electrical panel. There was another delay in getting the city inspection after everything was installed, but that took place and the city inspector signed everything off. The system seems to be working fine. However, ASD did not install the module that would allow me to monitor the panels on the internet.

Also, ASD owes me a $750 incentive payment. I have contacted Solar Edge, the inverter manufacturer and they were very helpful in helping me gain access to their site to monitor the power production. I still need to have the module installed...most probably at my expense. My inverter has a 12 year warranty and I can purchase an extension to make it 20 years for just under $200.

The Solar Panels, are Model #CS6K-280M, by Canadian Solar. They have an office in Northern California. I emailed them and a representative quickly called me back. My panels are covered by a 10/25 year warranty.

He emailed me a copy. The representative said he had an email earlier today regarding ASD. Do your own research to see where you stand.

I am told that ASD was in business for some 9 years and had approximately 9000 installs.

Some have systems that are not complete and I feel for them and appreciate the fact that our system is working. I hope that as more information comes out, an Attorney group will step up to represent all of us victimized by this.


Dear Valued Customer: As you know, we have been in continued contact with you to resolve this issue, and you are now in receipt of the full incentive. Once again, we apologize for the processing delay and regret that this issue impacted your going solar experience with American Solar Direct. We look forward to your system providing clean energy for you and your family for many years to come.

to AmericanSolarDirect #1360201

what are you doing about the lack of a monitoring system (contractually required)


American Solar Direct is a pack of liars. They lie to their customers, they lie to the sales people, they lie to the media, and they lie to job seekers, they lie about everything.

This is the one of the worst companies in the entire state of California.

A despicable operation run by a well-known Canadian scam-artist / criminal where no one gets paid but him. It's sad to see he is still stealing from hard-working people.

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