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Cons: Do not trust this company if you are looking for employment if your an amazing salesman and make the company deal after deal guess what it will be stuck in the computer. They don't care if you cannot support yourself you will beg for checks, pull your own leads (door to door canvassing), waste all your checks on gas and useless meetings. If your not a "team player" and make every meeting they will not give you good territory and leads this is by far the worst sales company to work for. Managers will tell you in private they have 70,000 in the computer but only paid 20,000 for a year of hard work. This company forces your off hourly and into commision without notice.

If your a consumer this company lies a lot preying on uneducated homeowners!!! They claim no pressure but are taught to make the sale in home with both homeowners they claim the reason is because of federal and state but anyone can factor these numbers. Get your free analsis and run for the hills. You are getting advice from a former employee who was taught to oppose any objection. This company is expensive 3 times more then all their competators. Consultants are trained to play with your emotions and go for the juggular they "seem" nice but don't be fooled they are all sharks.

Pro: free food on saturdays

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ASD is an MLM, a pyramid scheme criminal enterprise run by a well-known Canadian drunkard and thief Named Brennan Mulcahy.Their turnover is 100% at 90 days in all offices that still function and haven't closed yet.

They built the scam (I refuse to call it a business) on two things:

1. leases, which rob the customer blind, and...

2. lying to new hires, which at first they classified as 1099, ran like dogs to knock doors and book appointments for the team managers / micro-managers, then didn't train or pay them. Then the labor board nuked them so they made everyone w-2.

Now they pay minimum wage for 30 days, then commission-only for you to knock hundreds of doors and book your own unqualified appointments, then try to sell their garbage product that isn't even competitively priced. You'll lose every deal to a competitor if the mark shops around, or it won't get on the roof. Nothing gets on the roof with ASD. The ONLY people making money are in corporate, or if they're in sales they're part of the Canadian inner circle (as EVERYONE called it), or middle managers making overrides.

The end. You'll lose everything working for them. I did, and so did every other person I saw come and go. It's a miserable, shameless, deplorable company.

But the good news is that the word is out and this company has closed 2/5 locations in the last years and bounced their company payroll twice in the last three months.

They are going under,...

They bought all the positive reviews at Glass Door and Indeed by bribing corporate customer workers with gift cards to make positive stuff up.

The angry, defensive ones here, where some "ASD Customer" (LOL - riiiiight) rushes to ASD's defense, clutching their pearls in outrage? 100% of those are posted by ASD's recruiters, who know candidates find this page on searches and ASD can't control or bribe this site (they tried). It drives them nuts. Don't believe the recruiter lies: they have numbers of their own to meet.

Do not let Brennan, the drunken, sociopath, the unrepentant criminal, make another dollar off of you. Let him put his "retired" S T R I P P E R wife back on the pole and make his money sweeping the stage when she's done, collected one crumpled single at a time.

It's what he deserves, as well as this public humiliation.Than man has no soul.

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Do they drug test?

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #833135

what is this person talking about...?

First of all, American Solar Direct is only in California - the writer of this review is from Tuscon, AZ.

I work for American Solar Direct and I have seen many people come and go because the truth is it is difficult to be successful.

You have to create your own leads and you have to make your own deals. You have to work hard and you have to earn the trust of homeowners by educating them and illustrating a sound, solid program.

There is nothing to hide here. American Solar Direct is a Premium Service Provider with Angie's List - a REAL website that actually verifies that reviews are written by ACTUAL customers.

We provide top quality equipment, 24 hour service and an invaluable education to our customers.

It IS difficult to be successful, but it is certainly possible.There is nothing to be ashamed of if you can't make the job work, but it is absolutely unfortunate - and reproachable - to bash an excellent company because you can't be successful with the opportunity that you are given.

Los Angeles, California, United States #712219

Micheal is the district manager for the company of course he has "missed a check" the guy goes to strip clubs with the other managers doing drugs.... You honestly think one of your managers wouldn't spill the beans lol crooks

Los Angeles, California, United States #712173

American Solar Direct has not missed one paycheck for me. They pay very well, on time and all I have to say about this post is where did you get your information? Before you post slanderous information about a person or company you are expected to get your facts straight.

Long Beach, California, United States #623298

Want to know the truth about ASD?Well lets start off with employment at ASD.

I am a canvasser with the company and I'll be straight up with you about the job. We absolutely DO have a high turnover with employees because of the fact that this business isn't for everyone. Some people join in thinking it'll be a walk in the park but NO my friend you have to work your *** off if you want to make money just like every job. Not everyone is meant to be a salesman.

Some weeks my check is great sometimes it is ***. But HELLO that is sales ANYWHERE you go. *** DUH!!! And btw any past employees who have bad mouthed the company are simply disgruntled and bitter because of the fact that THEY weren't making any money.

And they only have themselves to blame for that, because they only worked for *** 2-3 days. And ALSO as far as the managers and directors not caring about their employees, I've only worked there for 3 months and my supervisor has been the BEST boss an employee can ask for. A couple occasions have came up where I was short on funds for rent and what not and out of the goodness of his own heart he let me barrow the money saying that he trusted that one day (whenever I can) I will pay him back. Sounds pretty generous for someone who supposably is scamming his own employees.

On to consumers... I have yet to come across ONE customer who moved forward with the company and wasn't happy afterwards. Do your research people. This is the problem with...

It gives these fucktards who bad mouth the company an outlet to state their garbage opinion and then the gullible deem it to be credible. We have no clue who these people really are but we are supposed to believe their BS accusations about american solar direct? In fact, I don't even want you to believe me OR this post. Go find out for yourself and this post will be vindicated.

The best education is self education.Don't fall for these pathetic internet opinions that can't be verified.

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to ASD Truth #844289

You have worked there for three months and can't come up with the money for rent? Sounds like a company I would stay away from!

Los Angeles, California, United States #596702

funny how ASD talks about their installers with such a high level and not to trust companies that use outside sources as installers...then this happens Wow, just google american solar direct police chase


Just got hired by ASD as an appt.setter.Recruiter sure made it look economically promissing.

I hope he's right.Solar sure has been taking a beating in this economy.

to EJArche San Diego, California, United States #598499

Are you still working there; if so how is it going?

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