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Craziest place I ever "worked", though no one works in the traditional sense. You knock doors that have been hit a hundred times already and try to sell a twentieth-rate product. Anyone who shops around will know ASD isn't even competitive with their pricing. You'll only waste your time and sink further into whatever hole you're in that led to be so desperate that you would commit to an interview at ASD. You won't make money. The top earners... Read more

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We are in Escrow on a wonderful house and have just found out the solar panels are leased. The lease is for 20 years. After running all of the numbers, we will be paying ASD for 1/3 of our electric bill for the next 20 years. Our electricity won't be any less expensive we will just be paying a different company. After the lease is over there is still a $3000 buy-out requirement to then own 20 year old panels that are significantly less... Read more

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I'm sorry, but the whole premise of this site is off. It's information bias on overload. If you're looking for pissed consumers and disgruntled employees, you've come to the right place. If I could give American Solar Direct some advice: stop hiring whiners with bad spelling and grammar. My experience with American Solar Direct was as I expected: a construction project with some minor complications along the way including an electrical panel... Read more

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I was a superstar salesman. Top 10% every month. Actually broke their one day sales record (4 contracts in one day, of which ZERO installed/I got paid for). "Earned" 10K+ month, including the bonus structure. In reality? Average less than 1K/month and NEVER saw an earned bonus. NOT ONCE. The company is looking to keep it's P/L sheets clean so they can get bought out one day. You will NEVER have equity. Put that out of your mind. You will NEVER... Read more

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This company is a complete rip off. In order to buy our new house, we had to assume the solar lease attached to the property. Huge mistake. We were reluctant at first because the solar lease was considered a 2nd lien on the property. The previous owners said that they were getting a huge discount on their utility bill. Without being able to truly investigate it, we agreed to purchase the home. After about 3 months, I contacted S C Edison... Read more

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American Solar Direct offered us a $3,000 cash back offer/incentive that was part of our solar agreement in order to match a competitor's price and secure our business. However, they have not paid up. Our agreement paperwork with ASD regarding the $3,000 cash back offer clearly states that they were supposed to mail the money within 15 days of system interconnection. The process with ASD to get the solar installed took inordinately long, from... Read more

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The company takes WAY to long to install. I was satisfied with the extra items I needed like roofing and new electric panel. But... and a big but. I signed a contract for a specific model panel and of course when they came to install. .it was a different panel. I fought and fought and fought to still not get the panels I wanted. I was not happy. I also told them I was not happy. None the less I signed a contract and moved on. I would... Read more

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This is what a company in free-fall implosion looks like, folks. They can't even honor their obligation to pay their employees. How scummy, how low, how very...American Sola Direct of them. Just like a Brennan Mulcahy company to screw his people over long weekend while he chills in the palisades. Karma, baby. It's coming. All the horrible things they've done to the sales force, al the rotten ways they've duped and deceived customers... Read more

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Worst experience ever, leased a 6.5 kw system, 2 years ago, system is only a 5.9 kw according to SDG&E , ASD says on an affidavit its a 5.7 kw @100%, only generates 5.4 kw with no shade, south facing roof. I asked repeatedly to correct this problem, to deaf ears, they ignored my request and pushed it on through to the leasing company. Do not use this company, you receive none of the credits you may earn, you do not get the fed tax dedut,... Read more

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Recruiters? Liars...about everything they describe during their sales pitch to you. No, it's not an interview. It's a pitch, and they're hoping you're dumb enough to buy. You'll get: No training, no mentoring, no leads, and ano earning potential unless you run a crew or an office. In other words: No integrity of any kind. These guys are salesmen themselves, with hardcore numbers goals, meaning they get fired unless they put tons of wide-eyed... Read more

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