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American Solar Direct
Main address: 2400 Broadway, Suite 240 90404 Santa Monica CA
888-825-1856, 424-214-6750,
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this company hires from ex priest to *** stars to knock on doors. If you fall for it and book a "no pressure appointment", they are trained to not take NO for answer, do not leave without some sort of signature. For the most part they are a bunch of drinkers with no integrity. They allow their salespeople to make home visits "before" they have even completed a profile scan on... Read more

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I work just a few months with American Solar Direct and was bad nightmare.....Director of Sales Team was pushing leads and sales to his favorite Consultants...lots of favoritism....very unprofessional meetings in restaurants when Managers are holding hush hush advancement to just selected Employees. They promise fair training, but only if they like you.....ouch....ouch. I'm so glad we have other... Read more

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I have been working for American Solar Direct for 4 years. I see a lot of misinformation on the internet about ASD and feel it important to give some objective feedback about working for American Solar Direct. Before I accepted the job I vetted multiple companies in the solar space. There are a few reasons I choose ASD over the other solar companies. ASD is a vertically integrated company, they... Read more

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I'm sure that this will not make it to the website but can't help but try. How can you believe anything on this site? The funny part is search for other reputable solar companies. Just type solar in the search field. You will find almost word for word the same slams for every one - except Solar City. Does that seem a little fishy? How about the big ad at the top of the page? Solar City. ... Read more

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They made my utility bills lower. I am upset that I have to pay DWP less money now that I have solar on my roof - I really enjoyed sending them $700 dollars every other month for something I can collect from the sun. Yes, I did sign the contract & agree to have the panels on my house, but what will I do with the extra money? Re-do my budget? I'm pissed. And now the web site insists that I... Read more

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American Solar Direct is a scam. Customers who sign up take on a 20 year lease obligation. In return the company installs a solar electric system on their roof and agrees to warranty and maintain the system for 20 years. Then the company bundles up the lease obligations it has committed and sells them to a financial institution, much the same way mortgages were bundled during the real estate... Read more

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Thought about joining the company and then realized that their previous company in Dallas/ Fort Worth area had a horrible BBB rating. They may be growing but that is what their predictions say. My gut feeling is that it is a get rich scam and of course only a few die hard players will get rich. The core staff seem nice enough and are full of information, still there is an air of doubt about the... Read more

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You should not ever consider American Solar Direct. The company is a get rich quick scam for some Canadians with a bad track record. High turnover company. No stable technical, sales or management. Get rich quick scheme - consumers LOSE. EXAMPLE JULY 2011: 5 sales people working on a single street. EXAMPLE AUGUST 2011: Follow up meetings cancelled without notice EXAMPLE AUGUST 2011:... Read more

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  • May 06, 2011
  • Utility
  • Tucson, Arizona
  • Solar Pv
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Cons: Do not trust this company if you are looking for employment if your an amazing salesman and make the company deal after deal guess what it will be stuck in the computer. They don't care if you cannot support yourself you will beg for checks, pull your own leads (door to door canvassing), waste all your checks on gas and useless meetings. If your not a "team player" and make every... Read more

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