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Recruiters? Liars...about everything they describe during their sales pitch to you. No, it's not an interview. It's a pitch, and they're hoping you're dumb enough to buy. You'll get: No training, no mentoring, no leads, and ano earning potential unless you run a crew or an office. In other words: No integrity of any kind. These guys are salesmen themselves, with hardcore numbers goals, meaning... Read more

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I have worked for American Solar Direct now for 5 weeks! Everything that they have shown me has helped me understand their product, their people, why Solar is important and how as an employee I can be compensated for translating the Solar message. It is NOT a Scam, NOT MLM, NOT underpaying employees and certainly not deceptive in any way! This is a sales job! ASD provides the pathway and... Read more

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i have a sign NO SOLICITATION . THAT SHOULD TELL YOU I DON'T WANT YOU ON MY PROPERTY . Its Sunday, Can i live in my own neighborhood and not be disturbed? What else do you people need on someones home to tell you we are not interested ! NO SOLICITING MEANS I DON'T WANT YOU ON MY PROPERTY. Elizabeth Harding tells me she is not soliciting !! she is needing to know if my utilities are high. ... Read more

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Ive worked for this compoany in the past thought i was a team player but they laid me off. Then 15 other people were let go, no warning just gave us our pink slip and escort us out the door. Even had to hire security because people were really upset. Over all the company had allot off rough edges in management and other departments. I know most of the customers i met with were upset with them... Read more

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  • May 28
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  • Big Bear Lake, California
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I live in a very high altitude location in a super small home. We cannot have solar here, as our bills are super, super low already!!! We have tried FOREVER to let American Solar know this. They promise to remove you from their list, and yet the next day it's the same thing. And worse yet, when you tell them why you're unable to have solar, they HANG UP ON YOU. Even if I COULD have solar,... Read more

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They scammed me into thinking it was a real job when it was a door-to-door MLM. Ask yourself this: When I was a child, dreaming about my future and what I wanted from my life, did I envision working for a "door-to-door multi-level pyramid scheme"? That's American Solar direct. So if you answered yes to the above, then you'll love ASD. If no, then don't be fooled. The positive reviews here all... Read more

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First of all they recruit you promising the world give almost no training then throw you out on the field to door knock to make appointments for closer reps . They promise training and guidance and all they want is you to book a few appointments so they can make money off you. There is a good reason they start a new training class every 2 weeks and hire anyone who answers the ads. It really... Read more

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Everything posted here that is positive? All done by recruiters. I used to work here. I know this company's slimy tactics all too well. Here is the truth about being a Solar Consultant with American Scam-Solar Direct: Endless walking, knocking door to book, being attacked by dogs, booking appointments for team leaders to make money on while you make less than a McDonald's employee. No base pay... Read more

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The good is that ASD is well organized and probably decent company to work with as a customer. The bad is that ASD is not for most a company to work with. They hire you essentially to create their marketing, meaning knock on doors and create leads for $9 per hour for ONE (1) month. At the end of the day, it is cheaper than paying telemarketers and the leads are better. After that, no pay other... Read more

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Cut through the BS and provide real time review. This type of work is not for everyone. In fact you need to be a unique individual to deal with every walk of life that exists. People are all doing the same thing today, struggling to make life good for their families. American Solar Direct has excellent training. If you follow what you are trained to do, you will, and I stress WILL, be a big... Read more

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