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I have been working for American Solar Direct for 4 years. I see a lot of misinformation on the internet about ASD and feel it important to give some objective feedback about working for American Solar Direct. Before I accepted the job I vetted multiple companies in the solar space. There are a few reasons I choose ASD over the other solar companies. ASD is a vertically integrated company, they... Read more

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First of all they recruit you promising the world give almost no training then throw you out on the field to door knock to make appointments for closer reps . They promise training and guidance and all they want is you to book a few appointments so they can make money off you. There is a good reason they start a new training class every 2 weeks and hire anyone who answers the ads. It really... Read more

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Everything posted here that is positive? All done by recruiters. I used to work here. I know this company's slimy tactics all too well. Here is the truth about being a Solar Consultant with American Scam-Solar Direct: Endless walking, knocking door to book, being attacked by dogs, booking appointments for team leaders to make money on while you make less than a McDonald's employee. No base pay... Read more

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The good is that ASD is well organized and probably decent company to work with as a customer. The bad is that ASD is not for most a company to work with. They hire you essentially to create their marketing, meaning knock on doors and create leads for $9 per hour for ONE (1) month. At the end of the day, it is cheaper than paying telemarketers and the leads are better. After that, no pay other... Read more

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Cut through the BS and provide real time review. This type of work is not for everyone. In fact you need to be a unique individual to deal with every walk of life that exists. People are all doing the same thing today, struggling to make life good for their families. American Solar Direct has excellent training. If you follow what you are trained to do, you will, and I stress WILL, be a big... Read more

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I consider it one of the worst companies in San Diego, offers no salary, unless you make 4 sales a month, does not offer leads, no workers compensation, management sucks, human resource never call back never take time to answer question to employees, training sucks the never take time to explain how to use the tablet the trainer is under the influence of drugs or alcohol talks like older men,... Read more

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  • Nov 19, 2014
  • Utility
  • San Francisco, California
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ASD is awesome! I think reviews should be about the actual product or service you get vs. how someone "feels" about another person. Sometimes it's a good thing to separate fact from feelings, but that would be far too logical. This is a great solar company, the service and product are exceptional. I'm sure some sales people can be pushy but the ones I dealt with were super cool people! You can... Read more

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  • Oct 03, 2014
  • Utility
  • Solar Panels
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After reading the prior 10 reviews I'll begin by stating this is a REAL review by a REAL customer. I was personally against the installation of the solar panels from day one due to the outrageous cost -where's the savings when your cliental has to fork over thousands of dollars long before any savings will be noted? Anyway, I was told the installation was going to be a TWO day process. They began... Read more

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  • Sep 24, 2014
  • Utility
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This people who makes this negative remarks about ASD are competitors mostly that couldn't match the companies program that is currently offered and that they just couldn't come close to competeting with ASD. It's just sad that this people are the ones who would mislead the ones who really needed the help or relief from the enormous bill they get from the electric company they are with. So, just... Read more

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  • Jul 15, 2014
  • Utility
  • San Diego, California
  • Home Visits
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this company hires from ex priest to *** stars to knock on doors. If you fall for it and book a "no pressure appointment", they are trained to not take NO for answer, do not leave without some sort of signature. For the most part they are a bunch of drinkers with no integrity. They allow their salespeople to make home visits "before" they have even completed a profile scan on... Read more

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I work just a few months with American Solar Direct and was bad nightmare.....Director of Sales Team was pushing leads and sales to his favorite Consultants...lots of favoritism....very unprofessional meetings in restaurants when Managers are holding hush hush advancement to just selected Employees. They promise fair training, but only if they like you.....ouch....ouch. I'm so glad we have other... Read more

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